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WAX Information
Please check the items in the package which are given upon Bib Pick-up !
Be sure to confirm the items before the race.
The items are on the list as the following.

The Sapporo Marathon is coming soon.
We are looking forward to meeting you soon!!
We've posted on "For All Participants". It gives you lots of important information.
Be sure to check it out beforehand please!
We will give you the copy of "For All Participants" when you pick up your bib at Sapporo Dome.
We've conducted the course inspection.
We concerned about the lack of snow but currently there is no problem about the snow condition.
We can hold the race as planned.
We have only 2 weeks left to the race. Be careful about your health condition and ready for the race please!
We've closed our Home Stay Program because the number of applicants reaches the limit.
We've decided a design of our original towel, one of our commemorative gifts.
This year's design is based on an image of Japanese taste "和 (WA)".

* Participants in Ski Marathon 25 km, 50 km
--- Bath Towel ( 60 x 120 cm)

* Participants in skiing at a walking pace 11 km, 5 km, 3 km and Snow Shoe hands-on workshop
--- Sports Towel ( 34 x 85 cm)

*Participants in "Kids Challenge 100 meter" are excluded.
We've just completed the establishment of a temporary bridge in 50K and 25K courses today.

We look forward to having lots of registrations and meeting skiers from around the world soon in Sapporo!
We started setting up the course.
We are making headway in our preparations for the race.

Currently the registration is open.
Register Now!
Information about Hotels and Tourism etc. in Sapporo are here.
We've just started the registration. Please click here!
The 38th Sapporo International Ski Marathon will be held on February 4th, Sunday in 2018.
We are scheduled to start the registration from August 1st, Tuesday in 2017.